Pistachio First on ebay with $1295 BIN

  1. Good luck with the sale fashion_junky, it's a gorgeous bag!
  2. good luck~~fashion_junky!!
  3. Wow, that's so gorgeous!!!!
  4. oh it is so pretty :sad:
  5. Aww I would have totally snagged that baby if I had the money right now! Good luck fashion_junky!
  6. Thanks everyone! I am really sad to let this one go - but if I don't sell something, I will never be able to shop again...I've spent way too much lately!
  7. g luck fashion_junky... it's gorgeous :P
  8. Good luck! What a pretty color bag!
  9. good luck fashion_junky, she's a beauty!
  10. mmmm more alluring than mint ice cream anyday! ;)
  11. Good luck with the sale, fashion_junky!
  12. Ohhh "L" ..... if I had the $$$$$ I would buy it right now . . . it's GORGEOUS :P!!! Good luck with your sale :love:
  13. So.....Who is the lucky new owner?


  14. Ohh WOW ... this was fast :nuts: - - - who is the lucky winner ??