pistachio city or magenta city?

  1. i became indecisive again...
    which one? i love the leather on pistachio, but i'm also drooling the colour on magenta...
  2. I vote for MAGENTA~!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. That's a hard one! Both are so pretty. And yeah the leather on the pistachio must be fabulous. But I'm going to chose magenta, mainly coz it makes such a statement!!! And I like that, lol!
  4. seahorse, sorry i won't be of any help cause i choose both!!!! i love both!!!
  5. Either. Both. OH, I'm no help
  6. ha ah ha... u girls are so funny. i know you're going to have the same peoblem with me too :P but i can really only keep one. and i'm so :hysteric: AARRRGGGGHHHH....
  7. I like the Magenta a bit better, but love the Pistachio too. I think the
    deep brightness of the Magenta is my favorite, and it's not as light in color so you don't have to be as careful!:yes:
  8. thanks chloe :P
    yes, magenta is gorgeous... oooh... let me think for a night then :hysteric:
  9. Seahorseon stripes, are you selling your bags too?:crybaby:
  10. Sorry for my lousy english, it`s still early.
  11. i can only afford one :crybaby:
  12. What else do you have in your collection? Maybe if you have a Seafoam/Ice Blue/Turquoise/Origan Bbag already then get the Magenta.
  13. i only have eggplant & red metallic
  14. I'd go for the pistachio (personally) then as you already have the metallic red. Are the Magenta and Pistachio both in fab condition?
  15. yeah... the magenta is in perfect condition, it's pre-owned but hardly used by the owner, that's what tempted me :graucho:
    but my pistachio is more used. i can't afford to have both... :girlsigh: