Pistachio City on ebay

  1. aacckkk lovely!!!!:nuts:
  2. Gorgeous!!:love:
  3. Very nice!!
  4. sooo pretty!
  5. it's seahorse's...wonder why she is selling it:shrugs:
  7. Awww, seahorse is selling this beauty?? She's so pretty!
  8. What a gorgeous color!
  9. I'm so tempted!!
  10. OMG .... GORGEOUS :yahoo::nuts: !! Good luck with your sale seahorse ... :yes:
  11. hi girls, thanks for the compliment. i'm selling this because the magenta didn't sells and i really can't afford these both, so sadly :crybaby: i have to let this go.. :crybaby:
  12. Good luck with the sale! It's gorgeous!
  13. Seahorse, she's a beauty! I know it's probably hard to let her go but that's really smart of you to not overextend yourself. Good luck with your auction!!!!
  14. yes TTucker, i just manage not to get my self too greedy, i still have my apartment to filled too :P i need a good closet to put my bags...