Pirates of the Carribbean

  1. Is anyone else a huge fan of the Pirates of the Carribbean movies? I am sooo looking forward to the third movie which will be coming out this May!!!!!!:yahoo:

    ...and what could possibly be better than Johnny Depp in a Pirate costume?????!!!!!:graucho: :drool: :love:
  2. HUGE FAN!!!!!!! I love Johnny Depp!!!!!:love: :love: :heart: I can't wait for the 3rd....YAY!!

    P.S. Johnny Depp naked?? That could be better....:shame:
  3. Ohhh yeah...that would be MUCH better, but no such luck:choochoo:
  4. He is SOO hot is this movie, I spend the whole time drooling over him!!!
  5. He is truly gorgeous! I can't wait to see the new one with Keith Richards...Can that guy stay sober enough to act? Anyways, who cares, we can just look at Johnny..
  6. Lol...yes, he does look ammmmazzzzing!!!!! BeBeStyle, hopefully Keith will be able to stay sober enough...but truly...who will be paying attention neway:graucho:
  7. I am so shocked we are the ONLY FANS of POTC on TPF???? Doesn't anyone else recognize JD's beauty and talent??:wtf:
  8. I guess not...:crybaby: Oh well...cheer up....#3 is up in MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I can't wait till May!!!!!!!:tender:
  10. did you find/see any trailers yet???!!! I couldn't find any, and they havent had any on tv yet
  11. I loveeee these movies, cant cant cant wait for the 3rd one!
  12. ^^^I know how awesome, right?
  13. Here's a little something for you ladies...
    depp_career.jpg photo_05.jpg photo_31.jpg
  14. Yes, I looove these movies :biggrin: Very funny and exciting, Johnny Depp is so hot :drool: , I love the whole dirty pirate thing :shame:
  15. You guys have to check out this music video. It basically involves a lot of fantasies that we girls have involving Capt Jack Sparrow :p Soooo funny!

    Use this link then click on the video "Girls lie too." Let me know what you think!

    CMT.com : Terri Clark : Videos