Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

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  1. Um...it hasn't been released yet.
  2. I am so going to see this movie this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. it comes out on my birthday, so Im going!!! Cant wait!!


  4. I can't wait, I have loved the first 2 and I am super excited for the 3rd!
  5. Can't believe it's coming out Thursday night....doesn't seem like they are hyping it very much, or is that just me...sometimes I lose perspective on ads and what have you because of Tivo.
  6. :yahoo: I can't wait...only 2 more days [​IMG]
  7. I can't wait to see it!^-^
  8. I'm going to the premiere showing here in Oslo. ^_^ It's about 3:00 am though. >_<
  9. I cannot wait to see this movie! I am hoping to go this weekend *good reminder to buy some tickets in advance!* :graucho:

    ANY excuse to see my baby daddy Johnny Depp is exciting to me! LOL :supacool:
  10. Oh man, I am SOO excited! I own the first two and watch them over and over and over!
  11. Yup can't wait to see it!!!! I think there are already a few threads on this film, though...
  12. I sure am!
  13. no comment..just wanted to repost this GORG picture...heheh
  14. I am dying to see it too....