Pirate Master....it aint no Survivor!

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  1. anyone catch the premier of Mark Burnett's new brainchild?

    Forced myself to watch it to the end hoping it would get more interesting and more exciting..but I must say..I'm disappointed. It seemed way to scripted and really a flop in my opinion. I think its a feable attempt to be similar to Survivor ..

    Opinions? Comments?
  2. Oh god, this show was so bad. I'm a huge Survivor fan and was so disappointed. The only thing that might be interesting is watching the "Captain" degenerate into a raving lunatic from actually believing he's the captain of a pirate ship. He's already started to talk that way.
    I nearly killed myself laughing when he started his "The Big Dipper points to the North Star" speech, though...and the challenge was soooo boring.
  3. omg - it DID seem so scripted! And the "Captain" just seemed like he was over-acting at times too.

    but I have to say, thank god that guy got "cut adrift"...he freaked me out. (he was a scientist and an exotic dancer...umm...random.)

    sorry Mark Burnett...think you missed the "ship" on this one!
  4. I watched it last night. My boys ages 4 and 7 enjoyed it since they love anything that has to do with pirates, but I was not impressed. The only part that I thought was funny was that Capt. speach about the North Star and all that mumbo jumbo and then when asked, he could not even find the North Star! LOL. I also think that being the "captain" is going to get to his head..haha..

    I really think that Mark Burnett is just trying to bank on the whole pirate hype which IMO did not work. :tdown:
  5. We went out for dinner last night and completely forgot about it. Guess I don't need to worry about watching it...based on your opinions.

    Thanks for saving my time:yes:
  6. I used to love Survivor. It's become a bit predictable lately, but I still watch... I will always watch Survivor.

    I too, was hoping that this new show might be as much fun as Survivor, but it's not. It's more Amazing Racy/Big Brother than Survivor.

    This show has the most incredibly boring people. I don't understand the rules. I don't believe for one minute the contestants are actually sailing that ship, it's scripted... and I miss Jeff Probst.
  7. Count me in the minority here, but I actually thought it was pretty entertaining. I normally have zero interest in pirate stuff and am not even into the whole Pirates of the Carribean craze, but it was fun to watch and I think I'll check it again next week. The guy who got the first boot, John, is an "Scientist slash Exotic Dancer" :P I bet it won't be long before they declare mutiny on the Captain, who definitely seems like he'll let his power get to his head very quickly.
  8. Thought it was a fun watch also. Not your typical fare, but something a little different. Loved the Caribbean island scenes. I'm an island freak!
  9. I actually like this show too! I'm excited it's on on my night off!
  10. Did anyone watch last night?

    I was shocked that Christian left. I am sick of Joe Don already. And that snake pit was crazy!
  11. I like this show but geez give a man a velvet hat and he goes all power mad