pirata zucca anywhere?

  1. i recently saw pics of pirata in zucca and fell in love with it. i've been trying to get it off eBay but the whole slipping in that last minute bids really annoyed me. :cursing:does anyone know where i can still purchase one?
  2. what state do you live in?
    Lj is always a good option
  3. You can try calling some Macy's stores, they might have some Pirata Zucca's left over. Some Macy's didn't participate in the one-day sale and did not clear out their AS Star and Pirata collections.

    I just bought one off LJ, so you could post a Want To Buy entry.
  4. 1
    on eBay currently. A couple BINs too. :biggrin:
  5. i'm in california. i actually never used lj before. how does it work?
  6. Have you been to Metropark? The Metropark in Valley Fair in the bay area has at least 1 as of Sunday.
  7. Make sure you are a member of LiveJournal, then go to the info page, http://community.livejournal.com/shoptokidoki/profile, and read the rules. The key is to comment on a certain post with specific words. If you read all the rules, you'll find it. Then you can join and it'll take a few days to be approved.
  8. o...thanks a bunch! i'll try that out.
  9. yeah there are always some on eBay.. i recommend the one by cosmetic.nut.. she always answers my questions even though i've never made a purchase from her. & her tokis always seem really nice ;)
  10. I got my Inferno Zucca from cosmetic.nut and she is very nice and answers questions quickly... Oooh and she ships lightning fast.. I received my Inferno Zucca 2 days after I won it... Which is awesome.. hehe :smile: