Pirata Stellina

  1. Could you guys post pics of your pirata stellinas? I'm always on the lookout for a perfect placement one, and I want to see what you guys have.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. I just got this bag on Saturday from someone on LJ. The girls with parrots, the full island with the cat and the ship are all mandatory for me on this print.
    PirataFront.JPG PirataBack.JPG piratabottom.jpg piratapockets.jpg
  4. Very nice placement, GreenBird! :yes:

    (Cute bird, too! :love:)
  5. Thanks, my bird's name is Alfie and he's an eclectus parrot. Your bunny is pretty cute also!!! We used to have a bunny but I found a new home for her where she got more attention.
  6. Pretty stellinas! Anyone have any more?
  7. I had another one with better placement, but had to return it because it was out of the budget at the time. Fortunately, I found this one a couple of months later at 60% off and it had the pirate ship, message bottles, monkey & TNT barrel...good enough for me! :okay:

    Sorry if the pictures are a little small...I had to crop it from another picture.
    IMG_3757_1.JPG IMG_3758_1.JPG
  8. Wow, 60% off?! That's a steal! :nuts:

    I love this print so much. It's very colorful and happy! ;D
  9. here's mine:biggrin:
    Tokidoki 012.2.JPG Tokidoki 014.jpg
  10. Ooh burz yours looks close to my dream stellina :smile:

    Anyone else have one?

    The thing I love about stellinas is they are really unique because of the cut up of the print..
  11. Here's mine...I love the placement.




  12. thanks..actually, i wasn't the one who chose the placement but i love it ^^
    yea the cut up thing is unique..quite a challenge to find your own ideal placement hehe..
  13. Here's mine...it's my second toki and one my most used bags.:p
    pirata_stellina_front.jpg pirata_stellina_back.jpg