Pirata prints in stores?

  1. Does anyone know where I can get anything in Pirata at stores, preferably LA, OC or Riverside. I've been dying to get some more of this print.
    Or if anyone sees them in store, would you mind asking the store associate to hold it for me? Cuz that would be WONDERFUL!
  2. if you're in OC, i know the metropark at Irvine Spectrum had quite a few Pirata Zuccas left. they also had like one ciao ciao, and possibly a gioco....
  3. AH I was at irvine spectrum today! I didn't think to look there! Were they at retail price?
  4. There is a Pirata Ciao Ciao for $120 at the Westside Pavillion Macy's, in the sale bin, but it's missing the zipper pulls for the small pockets on both sides (only the top zipper pull is there) and they'll only give 10% off for damaged bag, so it's not a very good deal. Even the SA agreed it should be cheaper, but unfortunately there wasn't anything she could do. There is a Spiaggia there too in exactly the same condition.
  5. yesh, 184 plus tax