1. My bf entered a tattoo drawing contest where a woman wanted a female pirate captain, a pirate ship, and a zombie pirate in one tattoo (she's a Pirates movie buff).

    When I look at it, I just think of Pirata. Hehe.

    Uhhh... Why isn't my "manage attachments" working??

    Edit: There we go! And BTW, he won the contest and is now going to do contract artwork with a mainland tattooist. Yay!
  2. OMG, its very nice and congrats to your bf! Thats a very sexy piratelady! hahah
  3. I think its super cute that ur bf and you are talented artists! I seriously cannot draw anything....maybe stick figures...maybe hahahha
  4. damn that's AWESOME!
  5. wow tell James congrats!!! its an awesome drawing!
  6. Congrats to your bf!! Its really awesome!! BTW, mainland where? I have a friend in WA that wants a tat of the 7 deadly sins.. but doesnt know what type of pictures or arrange or whatnot :shrugs:
  7. I have no idea... They correspond through a tattoo forum, that's all I know. I always tease him about it because I'm always on here and he's always on there. I say, "Are you talking to your girl friends right now?" Hehe.
  8. Congratulations to your boyfriend! Like Swtest2Lips, I can only do stick figures.
  9. It was funny because he posted it on his myspace page... and I cracked up when I read his blog. He wrote that he wanted to backhand me with the way things come so easily to me sometimes. *lmao* Before he drew this piece, he was talking about how the hell he was supposed to get a female pirate, a zombie pirate, and a pirate ship all onto one 6" sleeve for a woman... and then I was like, "Well, why don't you look at the Pirata print? It has the female as the focus and the ship is off in the background... and you could have the zombie on the ground, crawling in defeat, while the female pirate has her foot on his back." And all he said was, "That perfect." Haha.
  10. Woo! Congrats to the BF!
  11. OMG that looks amazing!! congrats to your bf Maya! You are both very creative and great artists :yes:
  12. Wow that is amazing! I love it! You're boyfriend is so talented!
  13. That is an awesome drawing. Like everyone else my drawings are limited to stick figures & very out of whack looking animals..
  14. wow that's so pretty.
  15. cool drawing! I wish I could draw as well!