Pirata gioco

  1. I received my pirata gioco today. The bag has great print placement. Yet, I'm not happy about this purchase. The gioco is a weird style. It feels comfortable on but it is long in length. I was hoping to use this as an everday purse but is too big for that. I'm also questioning whether or not I even love the print? It is a very busy print a lot going on. I think I'm going to be sending it back. I'll have to see what other styles the amore comes in because I ordered that one in a gioco.

    Oh, well! :sad:
  2. OH, I am so sorry. Have you tried walking around in it for a little bit looking in front of the mirror? Maybe with your things in it? Could you post a pic? If you're really not liking it, maybe a return is best.
  3. I put my stuff in it which didn't amount to much in the bag. I wanted to use this for an everyday purse but it is too big for that. I carry a bella when I'm running errands. It looks alright on me but the bella looks better on. I'll be returning it. For the amount of $ spent I need to be in love with the bag and this one I'm just not that crazy about.

    I hope you love yours. Let us know.
  4. You are right. For the price, you have to be totaly satisfied with it. There is a big difference in the size of the Bella and the Gioco. Sometimes I wish they had pics of all the bags side by side so we could see the size. I am putting a lot more stuff inside mine so the Gioco should be a good fit for me. I hope it arrives soon.
  5. The gioco's cute, but I think I'd be way more likely to buy mamma mia or stellina. I don't like how long it is, either, or how weird the top is.
  6. haha, I guess I'm one of the few people who like the gioco style? The only problem I have with it is the bag being too big, so I'm thinking of getting it for a travelling bag
  7. I saw the gioco "in real life" last weekend. It is really a cute style when stuffed with paper, but when it's empty it's a lot of bag to have hanging around. Plus it's not easy to get into (too much bag too little zipper) and when you set it down it really spreads out all over the place.

    If I ruled the world I'd 1) make a smaller version. 2) add a smaller outside pocket on the back for easy access to cell phone. 3) put some kind of strap across the top or sides so you had the option of holding it all together when you set it down.
  8. I think it mostly just needs to lose that weird fold, that seems to be the main problem (the spread).

    I wouldn't even mind the size if it just had an opening like a normal bag.
  9. I have a gioco in inferno and I love mine. I use it for school and put all my junk in it. It does take some getting used to because it is a weird design.

    I agree that if you don't love it, you should return it. You don't need to just settle for a bag you don't really like when you could get a bag you love.:heart: