Pirata fakes (and pictures)

  1. I don't know if any of you remember, but a little while back I posted in the 'authenticate this' thread that I had contacted some sellers that were known for selling fakes (including kayna01) and asked them all if they had pirata fakes to see if the pirata fakes were out yet...

    Well since I'm over my pirata eBay buying craze I had totally forgotten about it, but then eBay seller sunnybie (I think an australian seller that had been known to sell fakes) sent me some pirata pics that she had just got in... A few of the fakes look really good but check out the fugly zucca!

    BEWARE OF THE FAKES they are now on eBay probably.

    - The print is faded, the caio caio has no small zipper just the big opening zipper, the zucca is a strange shape, the bambinone looks really long... And the tokidoki tags are in the wrong spot.
    9525-1113.JPG 9509-1131.JPG 9511-1193.JPG 9512-1154.JPG 9514-1156.JPG
  2. ewwwwwwwww!! :yucky: :throwup:
  3. LOL. the zucca is hilarious.
  5. But the pirata ciao ciao looks good to me...hmm...
  6. the MM isn't bad too if you don't look carefully. many people could be foold without seeing the qee
  7. what!! the zucca and MM looks totally funny to me :lol: idk about the rest?? the pictures make the bag material really thin??:shrugs:
  8. True...except for the zucca, the rest look like they could've been stuffed funny to look like that, but they're all a bit off though
  9. OH NO! Good grief. Although, they're not as hideous as some of the lamer attempts. Still, awful!
  10. yeah like the originals ..those were the fugliest! hahaah
  11. oh gosh. that zucca is the ugliest bag i've seen in a while hahahaahhaahaahah.
  12. The Ciao Ciao and Bambinone don't look too horrible from far far away, but the Zucca is definitely a joke. I'm surprised at how close to the print these fakes get. I can't imagine them getting too much profit from the work going into making them tho. :confused1:
  13. thanks! since i mostly have bellas, i probably would have been fooled by these ... thanks snapcat!

    i'm going to start a "don't buy from these sellers" post-it note now.
  14. awwwww! i love your avatar!!!!!! its so cute?? did you add the girl on the unicorn:confused1:
  15. I just saw tokidoki fakes IRL today!!!!! I saw a fake citta rosa canguro-$15
    fake generic style citta rosa, another fake generic style with the original print and a made up print with all the characters!!!! It was in chhinatown. :lol:
    I was :shocked:
    The colors were off, the bag was prosport instead of lesportsac and it said flowers srping on it!! The material was rough too!