Pirata ciao ciao 25% off from Macy's

  1. I just back from Macy's. There is one Pirata ciao ciao left and mark down 25% off. When I saw that, I grabed her immediately. I thought I will have the good deal, just like last time from Macy's Laber Day Sale, I got 25% off and extra 40% for the pirata prints.

    Unfortunately, I have SA double checked the price, she said only 25% off($120), no extra discount. She told me ciao ciao just mark down from this style for this print, is that ture? Do you think it's worth to buy only 25% off the old prints? :crybaby:
  2. Not worth it to me since you can get 40% off at the outlets! Unless it's something you can't live without with amazing placement, I'd pass.
  3. Rachelina: I say keep it and wait for weekends when Macy's is having an extra 40% off clearence items. Then do a price adjustment . BUt it has to be within 10 days or else they wont do price adjustments for you.
  4. TokiliciousJenY: Thanks for your opinion, same as my thoughts initallly. I should just pass and get it from outlets for 40% off. But maybe I will do as julicrystal said just keep it and wait for next weekend for extra discount to do the price adjustment. I know I am a bad girl, am I?:shame:

    I can't control myself now, as long as I saw the tokidoki on sale. No mater what kind of prints which I like or not, I just want to get it. Am I sick?:upsidedown:
  5. Your not sick at all, I do the same thing!!! I bought a AS Ciao Ciao because it was on sale at Macy's. I ended up taking it back a week later because I wasn't going to use it. But it's like the minute I know it's on sale the little voice inside my head say "Buy, buy, buy!!!"
  6. Hah! I did the exact same thing with the exact same bag. Grabbed an AS Ciao Ciao just because it was on sale (85 bucks). After I got it home, I realized the qee and chain were missing, and it looked like maybe someone had used it and returned it. I know, I know. I should have noticed those things before I bought it, but I was just so excited to finally see some Toki on sale at Macy's and it was the one and only sale bag left.
  7. Buy buy
    Don't really wanna make it tough,
    I just wanna convince myself I have enough.
    I might be crazy,
    But it ain't no lie,
    Baby, buy, buy, buy

    Sorry, this made me sing..is it Nsync? I changed the lyrics slightly to be mor fitting for tokipurchases,though. heh.:angel:
  8. LOL,:roflmfao: thanks Tachikomatic. I needed a laugh today. But now I have that song stuck in my head!
  9. Yeah, me too :yucky:

    buy,buy,buy..don't wanna be a fool for you..won't buy tokidoki for a day or two..
  10. I am honestly sitting here cracking up...my coworkers are starting to asking me what is so funny! LOL
  11. I just back from Macy's got the three bags, 1 Spiaggia BV( actually I already had one, but this one has different prints on both side: one Haiwaii woman-ocean view, one for sand beach view), 1 spiaggia ciao ciao, 1 Pirata ciao ciao.

    There are all 25% off now, but the SA gave me the secret sale pass for extra 20% off, it came out only $96 for each one. She also mentioned I can get the price adjustment within 10 days.

    And thanks for pinkpeony infomation to get the trasporto gioco for 25% off and 1 toki t-shirt and 1 toki hoodie. I am so happy now, buying so much stuffs today.

    As you guys said, just buy, buy, buy......:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  12. Is this something that's just for Macy's cardholders?

  13. The SA told me I need to pay by Macy's visa card. I did not have secret sale pass, she just scaned hers for me. All I know is the secret sale end by Sep. 16.

    Hope this can help.:idea:

  14. grr I used my card today but no one mentioned the secret sale