Pirata BV? Who was looking?

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  1. I thought I remember reading that someone was trying to find a Pirata BV a while back, but then they took them off the LeSportsac website and that was the end of that... off to search the ranks of evil-bay.

    Well someone has one on LJ for $92 SHIPPED! So I just thought I'd give anyone who was interested the heads up!
  2. I think it got sold already.

    I was looking at it...i was hoping it wasn't cuz I know my mom wants a pirata bag lol...
  3. blah you're right! i didnt even stop to read the comments. this thread can be deleted now.
  4. ^It's OK, you had good intentions with the thread..hoping someone could get a deal haha. I think socprof's (dawn's) friend got the bag and dawn helped her hahah...
  5. aw. hehe. yea I got it for my friend! She is very happy. I also got the l'amore campeggio she sold the day before. Must stop now.
  6. darn...wish i saw that earlier...lol but I'm being good for now... been good for a month!!!
  7. i was too late and lost out to socprof81. :sad: but at least it helped me not spend $$ i didn't have!