Pirata Buon Viaggio - Should I keep it?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to the Tokidoki & LeSportSac forum. I just picked up a Pirata Buon Viaggio, and I'm wondering if I should keep it. I've had my eyes on Tokidoki LeSportSacs for a while now, and haven't really seen one in real life until today. Since there was only one at the store I was at, I nabbed it so I could think about it at home.

    Should I keep it? Is the Pirata limited? What do you think of the Pirata BV? Do you think it will match a variety of outfits?

    Also, I have a question about the strap colours of the different Tokidoki LeSportSac bags - what colour are they usually? I noticed that the Pirata is a dark brown, is that common?

    Many thanks in advance for everyone's feedback. :smile:
  2. pirata is brown each print is different, i personally don't like the bv my first pirata bag was a bv, but I prefer more messenger bags or hand bags than totes, if you like totes and it's something you like then keep it.

    to answer your other q's:

    All prints are limited persay, it's just a matter of being able to find them. there is rumor they'll be at the outlets at some point this summer, but no one really knows what styles of bags or prints from spring will make it there...if it is a print you love, i'd keep it you can always sell it later, especially if you take great care of it.

    as for the versatility of the print with clothes, I have a ciao ciao in pirata and I never wear brown, in fact I don't think I own anything brown, not even shoes, haha! I wear just black ( i sound so goth haha), but in all seriousness I'm sure it's clashed with a few things I wear but at the same time the bag is so awesome I just don't care, so again your choice.

    this answer comes down to whatever makes you happy!
  3. welcome!!

    I think if you have brown and things like that it will do!! i have a lot of brown so i would most def. keep it. If you like the print placement on your bag and like the size I would NOT return it! hahaha I'm no help... I love totes and not a major fan of messenger bags. There is also the mama mia which is a smaller version of the buon viaggio.

    Just like socprof81 said: There are really all limited...If you want to take the chance and wait for it to hit the outlets you can, but there is no guarantee that it will make it there. It just depends if the stores sell out or not. What ever the regular stores can't sell they send to the outlets.

    I didn't really say much basically what socprof81 said! hahaha hope this helps... I say keep it!!!
  4. All the prints are limited (only produced for a short time) and some styles are harder to find than others. For example Foresta Zuccas are almost impossible to find. And it's getting to the point where Inferno Zuccas are really hard to come by too.

    My guess is the Pirata in the BV style will make it to the outlets... but that is just my guess. But will there be one with print placment you like? That's another story.

    If you like the bag you got, keep it! PErsonally Pirata is one of my favorite prints. I have it in a Dolce, Stellina, BV and Cucciolo!
  5. Are there outlets in Canada? I live in Toronto, and it seems like our selection is much smaller than what one would find in the States.
  6. Thanks to everyone who has replied. I've been browsing through the LeSportSac site, and I noticed the Zucca style......so......

    I'm also considering looking for a Pirata Zucca to compare with the BV and see which one I like more. The only problem is, I don't think I've ever seen a Zucca IRL where I live (Toronto).

    Should I just keep the BV, or should I go hunt for a Zucca? I'm almost 100% sure I want something that's worn on the shoulder (not across my body).
  7. no outlets to my knowledge. just two in NY and one in Seattle.
    They also don't ship international :/
  8. It's up to you hun! I love the zucca personally, but that is just ME. I don't know if anyone can tell you which is best. You could always get the zucca in another print!
  9. i think pirata is a really cute print.... i'm looking to get a ciao ciao if it hits the outlets. BVs are good if you like totes. the prints are limited and as the others said, some prints are harder to come by. you can always keep the bag until you find something else you may like better. since tokis are so colorful i think they can go with anything, though i do try to match the main color of the bag to my outfit! :weird:
  10. i have a pirata ciao ciao I LOVE it!
  11. socprof81: really? i was thisclose to getting a pirata ciao ciao. i was walking around macys the whole time carrying it, but i couldn't get it bc i'd already bought so many bags this month. people probably thought i was some kind of nut :weird:. hahaha. i'm hoping it goes to the outlets so i can get a ciao ciao and a denaro.

  12. I sound pretty goth too!! i wear mostly black stuff and i really can't stand brown and shades of it..

    but i love pirata


    and amore

    but i hate the tan and brown :sad:

    but the prints are so awesome i just deal with it

  13. aw! I had a bv and hated it personally sold it and found a pirata ciao ciao for a 99 BIN on eBay~!!! I so lucked out alll it missed was the qee and it wasn't used either or if it was I can't tell! It's sitting next to me looking at me saying "wear" me.

    I'd like a denaro/caramella too!
  14. i'm not an earthy person yet I long for foresta, and tan playground as well! hahahaha. I have blank and hot pink on today with pink eyeshadow and glitter based eyeshadow yea so not normal for my age.

  15. I love the pirata print, and the BV is really practical in a sense that you can use it for a lot of stuff... like toting around essentials if you're going on a trip or an outing, or even a purse if you like really big bags. If I were you, though, I would sell it and buy smaller bags to use everyday - but if a tote bag is what you have in mind, then you should keep it. You can see a whole lot of the print on the BV, which is a really great plus~