Pirata braccialetto?

  1. I kinda decided last minute that I'd like one, but I don't see them anywhere... Has anyone seen them in any of the stores still? Especially Macys?
  2. I've never seen it in Macy's but I see them in Nordies ALL the time. I don't remember which ones my Nordies has but they ALWAYS have some. If you have a Nordies by you that carries Toki you should def. check it out. If not, you should call :yes:
  3. Do you know how much their charge send shipping is? I'd like to get it from Macys if possible because I get a discount there.... Oh! If anyone knows what the upc is for a pirata braccialetto I could look up which stores have it...
  4. :wondering I don't know the answer to either of your questions :sad: I don't know what they charge for shipping and I don't know the # for the pirata bracelet...sorry...I'm sure some others will be able to help!!! :yes:
  5. I can't remember, but I think Nordstrom is able to transfer an item in stock to another store free of charge if you have a Nords near you
  6. I saw a few sell under retail on ebay a bit back...they might have more if you don't mind that route...
  7. I think Nordstrom chargesends for $8 or something and Macy's is based off of their shipping price online. However, I noticed my chargesent bags from Macy's always arrived in 2 days from UPS (quite a bit faster than ordering online).
  8. SnapCat: I saw 1 Pirata Bracielleto at san Francisco Nordstrom with a pirate girl with a pistol.. they do chargesend for $8 something. Call & ask for Teresa (415) 243-8500 ext#1250.