Pirata bella

  1. Did anyone get the bella in the pirata? Do you like it? I'm considering getting this bag next.
  2. nice... seems like bella is a popular style? :biggrin: is your avatar from southpark or something? it reminds me of it lol
  3. Last night I typed in blackwidow under google images looking for a picture for my avatar. I came across this and thought it was cute since it said blackwidow. Yes, it does look like Southpark.
  4. were you looking for a black widow spider? i wonder if her name is blackwidow in southpark lol pretty cute pic :biggrin: when are you planning to pick up the bella?
  5. That's my question about the Bella in general. Seems they're a very common style for sale. Does that mean they are popular or not popular? It seems the size and shape would make it hard to carry much?
  6. Does anyone have a picture of them and their bella?
  7. haha i was about to say Tokidoki Lover..but she has the bella bella LOL
  8. i have a foresta bella... but it doesn't hold much, so i stored it away for occasions where i don't need "stuff." it pretty much holds my denaro, keys, cell phone, another little holder for all my gift cards and that's about it. otherwise it'd be super bloated. i'm definitely a medium/large bag girl... i love my gioco and bv.
  9. I like it for an everyday purse. I have it in paradiso. Although it doesn't hold a lot but for me it is enough. It holds my thick checkbook wallet and sunglass case. I like the two zippered outer pockets since it holds smaller things like lipgloss and a pen. I like a small hobo I just wish the strap length were slightly longer on it. It fits just under my arm with my coat on. Perfect though without the coat on.
  10. my bf got me a pirata bella...however its not one of the styles that i like...i guess he'll have to eBay it after it arrives =(