Pirata and Adios Star Sale - 25% plus 20% Coupon

  1. Macy's Century City, CA

    Coupon Here

    Coupon Valid from 8/14 - 15 only - Macy's West only

    Happy Shopping!
  2. Aw, too bad the coupon isn't valid for any of the states my best friends live!! No sale for me... :crybaby:
  3. Ummm, the coupon doesn't look like it's valid on handbags. :confused1:
  4. :crybaby:there was a sale at Macy's today, but of course my Macy's doesn't sell Toki
  5. What kind of sale :graucho: I'm sure tokidoki's not included in the sale anyway. It's usually excluded except for the stuff that's marked down.
  6. That coupon is for juniors and young mens items, I'm pretty sure it excludes handbags because its specifically for back to school items in those two departments...
  7. I've used the 10% Juniors coupon to purchase Tokidoki bags before so I am quite sure that this will also work. No harm trying, so maybe someone here can call up and find out for sure.

    Positive that Pirata and Adios Star are on sale since I spoke to a very helpful SA from Century City today. That's how I got the info. It was not advertised though, the SA has to scan the items through their computer for the reduction to take place.
  8. pinkpeony, when you used the Junior's coupon successfully before, were the Toki bags in the Junior's section? I know in NYC they keep some of the bags there.

    It's really bizarre how the markdowns are so secretive, at the Fox Hills Mall today in Culver City some of the AS Star and Pirata were marked down, but not everything. But, on the plus side, if the AS Star bags are smudgy with marks on them, you can get an extra 10% off from the SA's.
  9. I always thought that if anything is slightly damaged or doesn't look totally brand new, you can usually talk the SA or manager of the store to get extra 10-15% mark down. That is if the item isn't thousands $$.
  10. Yup, it was at NYC's Macys Juniors section. Do you think they ring the bag on the first floor (bag dept) and the 4th floor differently? Doesn't really makes much sense to me if they do though.

    If anyone wants to do a chargesend from Century City, you can try the coupon. Just tell the SA to input the numbers below the barcode to their computer. They do take coupons even for phone orders.
  11. It will definitely work at Century City ? :confused1:
  12. Hi, everyone here. I am new here and new to the forum. My first post in the toki forum, glad to see so many people like the toki as me.

    There will be an extra 40% on handbags this friday at Macy's. I am pretty sure the tokidoki sale items are included. You can try to presale the items and pick up on fridays. Last summer, there were tons of toki at the Brea store at extra 40% off. Good luck.
  13. I asked the SA at the Macy's closest to me and she said it was an extra 20% off this Friday only, sale items included.
  14. hmm the catalog says that for the one day sale for macy's west, it is additional 40% off already marked down bags so if you can get your hands on a tokidoki that is already marked off, then you should be able to get the extra 40%.
  15. And, if you have an additional 20% coupon, you can apply on top of the extra 40 off, too.