Pirata/Adios Star tokidoki on Lesportsac.com

  1. Didn't see a thread for this yet - lesportsac.com now has the new season online and available for order. :smile:

    tokidoki for LeSportsac - Spring 2007
  2. No new styles :sad:
  3. YAY! Finally!
  4. agree :push: There are some 'newer' styles that I found useless, like

    This bocce is way to small to fit anything (at least for me)

    I feel its just doesnt look nice

    I cant think of any situation where i will use this.

    Well its only my opinion :s some people may actually like it
  5. looks like you could use it as a lunchbox for work, maybe? That's all I can think..
  6. I have two Bocces. I think they're adorable. But, I like small purses in general. :smile: I don't own anything bigger than the bambinone/stellina, currently.

    I saw someone online that had bought a Trenino recently - it's more small luggage size, not lunchbox size. I think she was going to use it for travel. I don't see it being practical for much else.

    I've never actually seen the Corriere in person, though.
  7. Aaaaaaaaa
    So friggin cute!!
  8. ohh yes finally:drool:,pirata ciao or gioco.... ahhh help me ladies!!!

    the bocce is adorable but what could it fit? a set of key and.. nothing lol
  9. WOO-HOO!!:yahoo:
  10. Thanks for the 411. So cute!
  11. Depends on what you want, messenger or shoulder bag, big or small? The ciao is a pretty small messenger and the gioco is a pretty big shoulder bag. The gioco is actually deceiving, it looks small but you can fit a ton of stuff in it!! I'd go for the pirata gioco! Let us know what you decide.
  12. :hysteric: Now I can't figure out what to do....Do I want the Pirata in the Mamma Mia or do I want the Adios Star in Stellina? Ok, one will have to wait because my car insurance is coming due. But which one? ? ?
    I'm almost tempted to wait like I did before with the Inferno print that I got on sale at Urban Outfitters.

    Why are they so cute??????????????
  13. I can't decide either. I have a Buon Viaggio citta rosa, a Campeggio foresta and a Gioco inferno. I'm trying to get out of the big bag habit and the Tokidokis are great for that with all their pockets. The problem is what smaller bag do I want?
  14. The Inferno was my first, and I may not have been able to afford it but UO had it on sale. I had heard a lot of naysaying about the style, the Zucca, but I adore it. And the shape is kind of trendy right now :smile: . But Mr. Adios has my heart. So I definitely have to get the Adios Star print. And it looks super cute in the Stellina. But my daughter's big into pirates. I can get two smaller Pirata print bags........She could have one, and I could have one. Say a Dolce for her and a Ciao for me? She'd be thrilled....But.....

    Do y'all think I'm crazy for buying a 6 year old a Tokidoki bag? :confused1:
  15. malleficent - If I were you, I'd get the bag I had to have now (Pirata for me) and wait to pick up the second print...but that's just me!!
    Do you think Urban will get the new prints? Did you get your Inferno on sale at the actual store or online? I got my pirata zucca but I want another pirata bag and I was hoping maybe towards the end of the season I could get something else in the pirata acutally on sale.

    gina - Did you ever check out the Bella style? I have all of the bella bellas, which they don't make any more, but that is actually my favorite bag they made. The bella is a smaller size and it could be a good bag to get you out of the big bag habit. If you have a store near you that carries Toki you should check it out.