Pippa Middleton Style Thread

  1. I got this one, the small in tan color. I'm loving it.
  2. This bag looks nice and classic. I'm interested in the measures too.
  3. yay! :flowers:
  4. My niece is dying for this bag as a graduation present -- any idea where I can get one in the States or from a store that will ship to the States?
  5. Modalu.com ships to the states
  6. Yeah but they're sold out and I can't even preorder.
  7. Just went onto the Modalu site and the Medium is on pre-order NOW so for you ladies interested I would check out the site ASAP! BTW Kris how much was your bag? The site says the medium is now-£169 but I think it used to be £155 am I right or wrong?
  8. It looks like the other colors are listed as £149- so yeah they bumped the price.
  9. I payed £135 +15(shipping) for the small bristol. But for the medium it looks like they increased their price ( i think the price before was £149) .
  10. I Pre ordered in shark and it was £ 149, so the price went up £20. I'm shocked it was only that much honestly.
  11. Yes, I paid the £135 +15 for the small! The price increase is still a good value IMO. Several people have asked about my bag and when I tell them the price, they are shocked. Great quality! Just a warning though, it IS heavy with stuff in it and I'm sure the medium would be even more heavy!
  12. Anyone else having trouble ordering? I keep getting a "bad gateway" message. :sad:
  13. Oooh. A small one in chili or oak croc might be exactly what the doctor ordered ... although now I also want a Kensington satchel, LOL.

    Thx for the info!
  14. I say no if you love the bag! I'm going to order the bag in shark, but the new colors sound beautiful too! Chili sounds so stunning as does the oyster.
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    Thx Kaity! Have you ordered the bag yet? I know they were taking pre-orders again today! Fingers crossed you get the bag you want for your grad gift! :smile: