Pippa Middleton Style Thread

  1. They restocked shark this morning! It was there for a few hours, but gone again!
  2. the violet is gorgeous!
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    I got the same color as Pippa's but in the smaller sized Bristol bag. Given my petite frame (barely 5 feet!) I thought it was better suited for me. :yes:

    They had more of the shark color in stock earlier today in the medium size though and I wouldn't be surprised if they had plans to carry more soon. If anyone here has their heart set on the medium in shark, I'd reach out to their customer service directly and let them know - they've been really great to deal with!

  4. Do they ship to the US? I couldn't find the info on their site.
  5. Just saw this post! Nevermind! hehe
  6. i want one!
  7. I also got the smaller version in shark because I am tiny! I was also afraid the medium may be a bit heavy.
  8. modalu!
  9. Does anyone else think that Pippa should have passed on the Modalu bag? It seems "bla".
  10. Nope.
  11. My Modalu is at the post office waiting for me to pick it up tomorrow!!
  12. Woo hoo!! :nuts:
  13. That's exciting!!! Mine isn't coming til the end of August!
  14. Love it! It came packed really well and includes a dust bag and authenticity cards. The shoulder strap was inside the bag. It is moderately heavy, so I won't be filling it with much!
  15. I ordered one too for Aug delivery!