Pippa desk?

  1. Does anyone know, is it still available? I saw it at the mothership about a year or two ago. Also, is there a choice in the leather, etc., if you were to attempt to order one? If I were to attempt this, would it make more sense to do it through Paris vs. try to get my local store involved (my relationship with my home store is OK; am not one of their heavy-hitters though).
  2. If you order it thru your local store you might become one of their heavy hitters
  3. I agree with ReneH. The Pippa desk is really stunning especially in pearwood. You could also get it in ebonized pearwood with rouge leather and white metal hardware. The pippa folding furniture pieces are numbered. I would rather order it and pay it when it comes to be sure you like it and that there are no damage to the piece as a result of shipping. I remember my SA informed that they can have one transfered to the store if it is available in the US. Maybe Madison Avenue has one.
  4. Thank you so much, this is very helpful. Ebonized pearwood with white metal and red leather...that would be the ultimate! Any idea how much it retails for these days?
  5. I know it is more than $10,000-. If you refer to a copy of Le Monde 2006 fall/winter edition # 49, on page 71 is a photo of the table and matching stool. The rouge leather is done in taurillon clemence as opposed to vache natural leather in the natural pearwood with brass hardware accents. Asks H if they can customize the red leather to others like chevre, barenia, etc. This maybe a piece that is made-to-order. If you are going to spend a lot for this piece, might as well as have them custom make it to your specifications if they will accomodate.
  6. now THAT is what i call a special order :graucho: i wish we could see it! i don't have le monde 2006
  7. I Wanna See I Wanna See I Wanna See!
  8. jh, is that the stool in your avitar?
  9. DQ, the pippa stool is in my avatar. Sorry but my scanner is broken. I wish I could scan and post the photos of the ebonized version. But here are some photo of my pippa folding stool in natural pearwood. Overall, I like the natural pearwood than the ebonised version. I think it is swiss pearwood that they use which has a pinkish tone to it or could be the light varnish they use. I have collected other pieces like the photoframe , pencil case, change tray, and box. It is fun because it comes with a natural/gold chamonix leather tab with white contrast stitching.
    pippa_stool_a.jpg pippa_stool_b.jpg
  10. Must...get...pippa desk...and stool...
  11. Yes I agree a Pippa for Pepper - definitely!

    JH - thanks for the pics pippa make me :girlsigh:
  12. LOL Handybags...
    It may be priced out of my range but I can dream...!
  13. Here are additonal photos of the pippa stool in a folded state:
    hcollectionb.jpg hcollectionc.jpg
  14. JH thank you so much!!
    I do love the natural pearwood. The only reason I would try for the ebonized version with white metal is that it would go better in my home given the preexisting furnishings. How fun it would be to be able to pick the leather...if only rouge H barenia were an option!!
  15. Pepper - we have the ebonised desk at our store - $27,000. Matching stool, too. I wanted a pair for bedside tables, but DH said..........no...........lol!!!!