Piping on the Speedy... is it better if it's thin or thick ? I have speedies that

Aug 12, 2006
have thin pipping and another with thick pipping....

I noticed that my thin piping is move inverted/ twisted with the canvas...

whereas the THICK piping is more popping out on the bag edge.

Does that make sense ??

Which one is better for quality-wise ? THICK or THIN ??


chic, en noir
Jan 6, 2010
Pasadena CA
I would try to be careful with either type of piping. It tends to be vulnerable at the corners of the bag. There will always be some wear to the corners if the bag is used, but I would try not to be too rough with it.


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Jan 29, 2013
My mono speedy 30 also has thick piping in comparison to other Speedys in the LV boutiques in the US I have seen. Where is your thick piped one from? Mine is from France