Piping on Alexa - is this normal?

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  1. I just took delivery of an oak Alexa, and the piping on one side looks very different from the other side. The piping seems to be really far in, so you can barely see it on one side, whereas on the other side of the bag, the piping looks normal.

    Is this difference acceptable, or am I being a bit fussy?
    On one side (where I think it looks wrong):
    On the other side (where it looks normal to me):

    What do you think?
  2. I'm guessing there can be a bit of variation on bags. However I think this asymmetry would bother me and I'd ask for an exchange.
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  3. You're right. I called Mulberry and they had a look at the pictures and the bag is going back.
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  4. That does look strange - sounds like you made the right decision. Hope you get a perfect one as a replacement!
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  5. #5 Jun 26, 2016
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    I hope so too. This will be bag number 4 :-s
  6. Id have given up long before now!!!! Quality is so poor these days obscene for the prices
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  7. I am in Asia and I esstentially picked up the last or the second last Oak Alexa in my country (as per SA) where the local Mulberry store in my city get it shipped from their central warehouse, as all are sold out in storewide. I paid before I even see the bag. Wanted Oak Alex for a long time but never pulled trigger as Oak never went on sale and Asia price is crazily high compare to UK. Since it is to be dicontinued and went on sale this season, I finally made up my mind. Have to say the craftmanship is not very impressing but it is a very nice bag, very light and functional, should have brought it earlier when quality is better in the old days. Hope you will get a nice one in return.
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  8. Don't forget Labels Most Wanted & NPN both ship Internationally. I agree with Elvis the quality of the leather looks very disappointing, very plasticy. I'd much prefer the lush previous versions, far better price too :smile: