1. Does anyone have any current codes for Piperlime? I am desperate for a pair of $300 shoes but would love to purchase with a coupon code.

  2. All of the 20% off codes expired on the 4th I think. I just received an order in the mail from GAP and they included expired codes.
  3. I have heard there are new ones that expire Nov 30 and Dec 31?
  4. You could try PVXFGYJSBMDP. Someone was kind enough to give it to me a week ago, but the brand I wanted was excluded, so I couldn't use it. Not sure if someone else might have used it or when it expired. They exclude quite a few of the higher-end brands, so there's a good chance your $300 shoes won't let you use it, sadly.
  5. Someone already redeemed it :tdown:

    thanks anyway!
  6. well starting nov 11 to dec 12 if you use this code its 20%off

  7. doesn't work, anyone have one that works?
  8. LUVSHOES, did you get a code yet? I have one if you still need one. Post here and let me know.
  9. Piperlime Friends and Family starts 11/30 thru 12/2 if you know anyone who works for the Gap brands.
  10. B1XHNZ0RK5BM for 20% off expires 11/30