Piperlime: New shoe store owned by Gap Inc.

  1. Received an e-mail today that Gap Inc. has opened a new online shoe store called Piperlime. Much like Zappos, they have free standard shipping and returns. They have a whole variety of different brands, including Delman, Taryn Rose, Hollywould, Charles David, Steve Madden and many more.

    Here is the link if anyone is interested:

  2. ooh thanks...interesting
  3. Oh, I am going to take a peek, not to buy anything!
  4. Poor Gap. It just can't do anything right. All they would have to have done is copy Zappos exactly. But instead, they:

    -made their website difficult to navigate (and they do not indicate the current quantity in stock)
    -do not offer price matching
    -accept returns for only 60 days (rather than 360)

    If I were trying to break into the shoe market, I would make sure I beat the competition on all fronts. This kind of thinking is why Gap and Banaqna Republic are tanking.
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