Piperlime Discount Code???

  1. I desperately need a code for piperlime. If anyone has an extra one please pm it to me.
  2. Hi, I have a code but for some reason, I can't PM you so you can PM me and I'll send it to you.
  3. I can't pm you either. I get a message saying you don't want to send or receive pms. You can fix this by clicking on "My control panel" on the top of the screen. You will see pm options.
  4. I just sent you a 20% off code in PM, I hope you can get it and put it to good use!


  5. Hey Cat I just sent you a pm! I placed an order using your code!!! Thanks again!!! My hubby thanks you too:flowers:!!!
  6. I really can't afford to buy any more pairs of shoes, so here's my 20% off code: QKGN32ZH0NYS. The mailer says that it expires Sept. 23. Enjoy!
  7. This one isn't working any longer. Anyone else?
  8. I think that is a one-time code. I have one, PM me and I will give to you. It's also 20% off.
  9. I have a one-time code that expires on the 23rd of SEpt. too. I don't plan to use it. If anyone wants it, pm me!

    ETA the coupon has been claimed. Enjoy!
  10. Does anyone else have a cupon? I accidently deleted mine:wtf:...Thanks in advance...:yes: