Piperlime 25% off today 9/21

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  1. Piperlime 9/21 25% off 25SPREE
    9/22 20%
    9/23 15%
  2. pretty sad when I can't find anything to buy!!! I must be under the weather...I went through the shoes twice and still can't find anything I want. : (
  3. wonder if you can combine it w/the 10% tuesdays code for cardholders?
  4. ^tried to combine with 10% off tuesdays code, didn't work
  5. This code works on the final sale items. I got myself a pair of Juicy Couture denim leggings for < $30.
  6. thanks!
  7. i wonder if e bates 15% works?!
  8. ^should work with them
  9. Thank you! Just bought a MBMJ :smile:
  10. Thanks for sharing!

    Just a heads up -
    I was so excited this morning; was going to cave and buy 2 pairs of shoes I've been stalking but haven't seen on sale yet.
    Lo and behold, they mysteriously disappeared from the site this morning in all sizes. The Piperlime link for them still shows up on Google, but only the cache version is viewable.
    Hmmm.. :thinking:
  11. i didn't find much but i ended up buying a pair of MBMJ earrings. Great price!
  12. Bummer... usually I always want something on Piperlime but I have scoped out the site all day yesterday (coincidentally!) and all day today... nothing! :sad:
  13. ah had to rebuy a pair of clogs i just bought...no adjustments! but definitely saved a lot with 25% off plus 15% back...thanks for posting!
  14. Thank you. I bought a pair of Vince pants I have been wanting since spring!
  15. thanks for sharing!