PIPERLIME: 20% off Pumps starting tonight!

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  1. Starting tonight at 9PM PST, all throughout tomorrow, Piperlime will have 20% sale on regular-priced pumps.

    Free shipping and returns, as usual!

    Click here to shop the Piperlime sale!
  2. Ooooh, have some special ones picked out Vlad!? :graucho:
  3. Perhaps something to go with the Spy bag? :P
  4. Oh screw you guys!
  5. :P
  6. lol hilarious comments; I was sort of surprised that Vlad started this post lol

    We :heart: you Vlad, don't worry!
  7. Lmao!
  8. Gotta keep Flad on his toes! {no pun intended :P}