Piper, Pheobe, and Paige...Call me weird but...

  1. I'm almost 29 years old and I love Charmed. I admit it. I have all eight seasons on DVD and watch them all the time (I need a boyfriend LOL).
    Anyway, I want a bag named after each of my three favorite characters.
    Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to find me these bags! I am open to all designers and looking for bags $700 or less. Bonus points for bags on sale.

    This message will self destruct in 5 minutes.
  2. LOL! I'm watching it right now! I like it too!
    I'm thinking that Kooba has a Paige...... brb
    Yep, on the bay there are 3 listed at good prices, 2 in Bourbon, and 1 black. I also see that Cole Haan has a Paige, but I like the Kooba better.
    I'll look for Piper and Pheobe now! teehee!
    (Now Law & Order is on, my real favorite! I loved Jerry Orbach!)
  3. Mulberry made a bag called the Phoebe, but you might have to try eBay for it, because I don't think it's produced anymore. A company called Myna also has a Phoebe bag.
  4. Ooooh I forgot about the Kooba! Good job. Keep 'em coming!

    I loved Jerry too; I was sad when he died. Law and Order Rocks. My favorite is SVU. Hmmmm, maybe an Olivia next...lmao
  5. But what about Pru?!?!?!?!? All hail the goddess Shannen Doherty!
  6. ITA! She kicks a**! I hated when they killed her off, I still think they left something unanswered in the plot line on that one...and I hated Paige at first.
    I thought Prudence might be hardest to find...I am open to suggestions.
  7. Kate Spade made a bag called the Pru. It's a square tote with a wooden handle that comes in a variety of materials and colors. That's another one you might have to eBay for though.
  8. I'm a nerd too. I love Charmed!

    Mulberry makes a Phoebe bag- but I think it is way over 700!
  9. LOL! Jerry Orbach was the best. We saw him walking on the sidewalk in NYC. SVU:Gryson "Olivia"
  10. I love Charmed!!!! haha thats all i have to say..
  11. Thanks Girls! This is a good start!
  12. MissTiss you are too funny!! I watch the Charmed reruns all the time on TBS and I totally thought about the characters too when I heard of the Kooba Paige!