Piper Perabo - Michael Tammaro photoshoot!

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I think she is very pretty but these pics are not that great IMHO...
  3. Who is she?
  4. I think she is pretty but she looks, well, dumb. Like there is zero brain activity there. Like a big eyed cow. I guess that does not matter however.
  5. The only roles I know her from are Coyote Ugly and an ABC Family movie called She Gets What She Wants.
  6. She is really pretty but these pictures do her no justice. She was in the movie Cheaper by the Dozen (she was the oldest daughter that lived on her own and dating Ashton Kutchers character).
  7. She was also in Because I said so.

    I think she's pretty, but, these pics make her look like....sadly, a dumb blonde.
  8. yea i really love coyote ugly :smile: and i think shes really adorable but those pictures, thoose outfits, the look on her face BLAH!
  9. she looks eh! i remember her from that movie coyote ugly and she was awful!
  10. Hideous photos imo, she is beautiful
  11. Could she be trying any harder to appear sexy with all that get-up? It looks so amateur!
  12. I agree. I think she's attractive but in these shots, it looks like she's trying too hard.