piovoine RGGH velo?!

  1. I know this isn't exactly what you want but http://www.diabro.net has a GCH (giant covered) City in Pivoine.
  2. Pivoine RGGH sure sounds amazing right now! I've only seen it in a classic town at the store near me!
  3. I only see one Bal bag on their site =/ possibly someone bought the Pivoine already?

    it sure does!!! you wouldn't happen to know if they made that color/hardware combo in a velo? lol:p
  4. I didn't even know there was a Pivoine color until one day my SA brought it out from the back stockroom!!!
  5. :wtf: did you end up getting it?! Post pics if you did :smile: it's such a beautiful combo...
  6. I didn't! I'm just not a Town girl!
  8. Oh! Found it hehe. As fab as it looks in GCH, I wanted velo/city style /: but I do see potential candidates in the velo style but a diff color lol. Thanks for suggesting me that website!!! :smile:
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