pins and needles on your face

  1. I have the same feeling on my face sometimes, is this bad??
  2. Hmm, it depends... when do you get this sensation? After any particular activity, or just randomly?
  3. randomly and lasts for about maybe 2 hours at a time, its very mild not as bad as one you get in your legs
  4. I hate to guess at something like this but I had similar feelings in my face after a bad fall, and there was some nerve damage. It eventually improved. so maybe the nerves are irritated for some reason?
  5. I agree with Boxermom...sounds like a nerve issue. I have that feeling quite's in my left leg and foot as I type annoying! :cursing:
  6. Sounds like Bell's Palsy... have you spoken to a doctor about this?

    Anytime you have a "pins and needles" feeling, it means there is some kind of nerve problem. Don't ignore it, it could be a warning sign of another problem. (Like impending stroke.) See your doctor ASAP!
  7. ...I thought this was something about acupuncture!

    Yes, definitely see a dr asap!
  8. I thought it was a sewing question put in the wrong forum. :p
  9. Thanks everyone, I'm abit freaked out at the moment, hope I can see a doctor soon.
  10. I believe it's also a symptom of shingles.