Pinnell Bags soaring in value?

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  1. Is anyone familiar with Charles Pinnell Custom Leather? I saw a beautiful purse that was $2000 a year or so ago and is now $4000. A lady took in a new Hermes purse for him to work on (she just didn't like the way it looked, but bought it for the name) and saw much nicer bags for half the cost. Her bag cost $40,000+ and had plated buckles and a similar custom Pinnell bag is $20,000 with sterling silver hardware. The thing is, the Pinnell bag will likely go up to $30,000+ in the next few years, if you can even get one, but the waiting list is getting long for the custom stuff, as is Hermes.

    Hermes has thousands of employees pumping out bags for $7K to $160K+. Is it a good investment? What is the appreciation rate on used bags? If I get a really gorgeous one of a kind Pinnell bag for $20,000 and it goes to $30,000 in a couple years, is that better than getting a $40,000 low end Hermes that may or may not go up in value. Can't afford to spend $80,000 on the more valuable Hermes. It is a really tough decision. Pinnell's work is really nice, but Hermes has the "name". I guess with the recession, I'm trying to justify things. Maybe I should just get what I like and forget the Hermes "name" thing. I noticed that none of the Hermes bags on Ebay have sold. (I advanced searched Hermes and selected completed listings)

    Not a lot of info on Pinnell. Some celebrity blogs and stuff like this:

    I know he was the saddler for the 1996 Olympics, and started in Colonial Williamsburg, VA many years ago.

    Would like to hear more if anyone knows anything more about Pinnell.
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    This is the wrong thread. It's for Deals and Steals, so the mods will be moving it.

    Are you associated with this maker?

    I don't understand what you mean by Hermes bags not selling on ebay. This is plainly untrue. If you wish to discuss Hermes, there's a forum here.
  3. I did an Advanced search with "completed listings" and they were all unsold.

    How do I move or delete the post?
  4. I did the same search and saw many Hermes bags sold. There's no question that Hermes is doing just fine. There are articles on how it's faring well even during this recession.

    You can't move the post. My guess is the mods will.;)
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