Pinkyspeedy's Collection!!

  1. This is the extent of my LV collection .. not much!

  2. Now that's perfect!
  3. You have the right pieces- love the groom cles
  4. Great start to a classic collection!
  5. Nice collection, love the groom cles and the mono speedy..always a classic!!
  6. very nicely put together! :yes:
  7. Classics :yes:
  8. Thanks .. i really thought that they all go together great!
  9. When I read the title I actually thought you had a "pink speedy" I was like, OMG! PINK SPEEDY? :nuts: Ah, stupid me.
  10. Perfect way to start a collection! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Looks great to me!!!
  12. It's gorgeous, and so classic! A GREAT start!
  13. I love your groom cles :smile:
  14. Love the collection! But how's the coin purse? hanging on the handle of your bag...
  15. Lovely collection!