**Pinky's pink & purple early Xmas reveal + pics from Paris**

Mar 9, 2008
Hi dreamcherry, thank you so much for stopping by:smile: Yeah the pink is amazing, i screamed when my SA took her out of her dustbag when I bought her:smile:
I just love everything about this beauty! :heart:
I'm also a huge fan of pinks and purples (more purple for me though)


Dec 24, 2006
Here she is....... Birkin 30 togo PHW in iris.......:heart:
I was so happy that I finally got this bag. I put myself on the waiting list early this jear when the first information was out on the color, but at that time I asked for a 40 Birkin. Later I was able to try on a 40 and it looked like some kind of luggage on me so I contacted my SA to change to a 30 since I already got the pink in 35.
I couldn't sleep well for weeks before this beauty arrived because I thought I had missed out on the color since I had changed the size......... And when I got the call that she is in I don't even remember what I told my sa on the phone and later in the boutique....