Pink's glitter shoes from the Grammys

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  1. I need to know who makes these gorgeous glitter shoes that Pink wore to the 2010 Grammy awards. here is a pic:


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  2. I just wanna know how she kept them on the whole time!
  3. lol they are ankle strap
  4. :biggrin: Oh! I didn't see that. And here I was marvelling all performance long. Well, there was a lot of Pink to take in :blush::biggrin:...
  5. so shinnnnyyyyy...i like
  6. I love anything that sparkles. I wonder if they are custom?
  7. Bob Mackie designed the costumes for her latest tour, so maybe these marvellous shoes were custom-made for her as well.
  8. this makes me sad! lol i'll never get to own them
  9. they are rene caovilla :smile:
  10. Those were soooo beautiful. I wish CL made some like that.
  11. Pretty shoes!
  12. Love the shoes