- 25% off everything

  1. Thank you so much for posting this!! I have been going back and forth about buying a Kooba Paige bag and with this coupon I saved $161.25, which was enough of a difference for me to order it right away. I think it will be the perfect bag for Fall.

    I read Lucky every month but never really looked closely at their coupons. Peggy
  2. Peggy, you are welcome. =)
    Remember to post pictures of Paige in the main purse forum for us. =)
  3. Peggy, great choice of bag, I just got my Kooba Paige about a month ago, and I LOVE it!!!!!!!
  4. Hey - I didn't see any Paige bags on the site?
  5. I didn't see the Paige bags either. They must be gone. I think I heard that Kooba is making a smaller Paige bag. That one I think I'll wait for.
  6. I swear Pink Mascara still had the Kooba Paige in Bourbon just yesterday but today they are nowhere to be found. Maybe you could call Pink Mascara and find out when they are expecting another shipment? I am assuming that the Lucky Magazine coupon should be good for at least a couple of more weeks. Peggy

    (mine is supposed to arrive tomorrow and I can't wait!)
  7. They must have sold out of Paige today. Peggy is right, give the store a call. Even if the new shipment doesn't arrive by the time the promotion code expires, some stores sometimes still honor it. =)

  8. I just checked and they still have the Kooba Paige bag. There is a 15% discount on anything not on sale if you use the coupon code toutie15. Peggy
  9. Enter code TBAGS15 for 15% off t-bag.
    Enter code TGIF15 for 15% off your theory, loeffler randall or marc by marc jacobs purchase.

    Here you can find more PinkMascara coupons.