Pinkish Patina going to change?!

  1. When comparing my 1 month old speedy's patina (on the left) with my 1 1/2 year old trotteur's one, it looks considerably pinker :weird: will it also turn to the golden honey color? I can't remember if the trotteur has also been that pinkish when it was new. I've sunbathed the speedy, the leather tabs looks as if it got sunburnt :lol: did sunbathing change your color into that pinkish one?! Anyway, it's quite dark already for one month, almost as dark as that older one, just the wrong tone... and of course the speedy is auth since I got it myself in an LV boutique

    Just wondering if that color will change or if they have new leather that turns pinkish :shrugs: ( I want it to be dark golden honey brown lol)
  2. I'm sure eventually it will turn dark golden honey brown!! Don't worry!! I know it takes forever though- or at least it seems like it!!
  3. i just got my denim baggy, i'd love to speed up the patina, any suggestions:graucho: ???
  4. put it in a sunny window for a couple of hours a day
  5. pink is part of the process, it doesn't last to long.
    To speed up the process use a leather conditioner & put the bag in a warm place. repeat conditioning will help get the honey color faster.
  6. thanks, girls~~~~~~:nuts:
  7. I would leave it alone, I'm sure it will turn the honey color eventually.
  8. ok, thanx for all the replies! I won't put anything on it anyway, just happy that the pink will go away
  9. Time will fly by fast... it'll turn to a beautiful patina in no time! :P
  10. Yeah, I think the warmth thing has something to do with it. I tried to keep my as light as possible, so the handles wouldn't darken too quickly. At these price, those bags have gotta last.