Pinkie rings?

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  1. I want to wear a cocktail style ring on my pinkie-all the ones I've found are too big. The smallest size it comes in is 5-I need a size down. Is it possible to resize these type of rings? I think it's under $100.00 and do department stores like Nordstrom do this by any chance?

  2. I would think you could have it sized down if it is silver, gold, or platinum. My pinkie is a 2, and I have a tension set diamond in mine. If your nordstroms has fine jewelry you might be able to have them send it out. Are you buying it online? I always just use a local jeweler. You might want to ask Nordstrom live help, and if they say no, then take a pictyre to a local jeweler and ask if they can do it.
    On a side note, my ring finger is a 3, but it used to be a 4, and I had cocktail rings that I had sized down with no problem.