Pinkberry Spell Has Been Cast...

  1. So I was in NYC all last week and decided to check out Pinkberry after hearing about it's celebrity status in LA. Now I know why they call in crackberry! The flavors of the green tea and original frozen yogurts leave you wanting more, more , more! Anyone else mezmorized?
  2. superyummy
  3. i love pinkberry but i hate the trek down to k-town :push:
  4. I wish Pinkberry would make its way to the bay area!
  5. I adore it! And I love the fact that they've opened up more locations outside the WeHo store. On my way to the airport last week I stopped off in the Marina and picked up some. DEEEElish... I always get strawberries, chocolate chips, and another fruit on the regular yogurt. I can house one of those things in minutes!!
  6. i haven't tried it yet, but i heard there is one in long beach now. it's definitely closer than having to drive up to LA!
  7. They just added 2 more locations in NYC: Chelsea and the Upper Eastside.
  8. pinkberry is taking over the world!
  9. mmm... the green tea sounds delicious right now.:drool: :drool: :drool:
  10. I've never tried it, now I want to.
  11. OMG, about 2 weeks ago my neighbor came running over yelling "Pinkberry, pinkberry"!! we rode our bikes to the place and this stuff is TDF! I am totally addicted.
  12. For the clueless european among you, can someone tell me what pinkberry is? Is it a smoothie?
  13. I am honestly not totally sure!:p It is like frozen yogurt but much better. Comes in 2 flavors, green tea and original vanilla. Tons of toppings. Visit:
  14. 100% frozen natural additives or chemicals.
  15. I havent tried it but my sister has been telling me about it. She tells me that the line can get really long but it is definitely worth the wait. Cant wait to try some!