Pinkberry imitations please help me find more frozen yogurt everywhere!

  1. I love pinkberry but I'm hoping to find more like it so I can have it whereever I go, lol:love:

    Pinkberry: California and NY








    Similar places in NYC:

    Berrywild: 30th and 3rd (has everything except for mochi)

    Very Berry: 34 1/2 St Marks St (closer to 2nd av) (exactly same as pinkberry, but also added blueberry flavor frozen yogurt)

    Are there any other ones in Queens and Long Island?
  2. I found an imitation called, KissBerry, at a mall. It was the exact same... same flavors, same toppings.
  3. in the upper west side (and chelsea and probably other places in the city) there's a place called yolato which i actually prefer to pinkberry. there's also a place in soho called monkey something or other. and in flushing pretty much all the korean bakeries/cafes carry some form of frozen yogurt that tastes like pinkberry.
  4. how about arizona around tempe, scottsdale, mesa area?? anyone know of any pinkberry copycats??
  5. Wow, I knew there would be more but didn't know the generic bakeries would have them too...I know the bakeries were quick to offer bubble tea but it never tasted as good as ten ren. I'll definitenitely try these out when I'm in the area!

  6. Ice Tango just opened up in N. Scottsdale. They have delicious tart yogurts (twangy tart, blueberry, pomegranate, and mango), creamy custards, and fresh crepes. :wlae:
  7. Golden Spoon (also from California) is in Scottsdale. Others opening in scottsdale are Red Mango and Pinkberry itself.
  8. red mango beats ALL!
    seriously though
    red mango is SO good!!!!!!!!!

  9. ooo do you know when those open??
  10. We have a place in Vegas called Tart. Its delish!
  11. i want pinkberry right now! and good to know about phoenix area copycats - i go there semi-often and now i know where to get my fix!
  12. In NYC, I vastly prefer the frozen yogurt from 40 Carrots inside of Bloomindale's on 59th to what Pinkberry servers.
  13. What is Pinkberry??? :shame:

    I heard that it has no fat and is like frozen yogurt, but that it's not exactly frozen yogurt. So what is in it :confused1:
  14. Vegas Long Legs, where is tart?
  15. Tart is off of 215 at Town Center on the westside. Near Flamingo. Its in a new strip mall.

    I also saw one today called Kiwiberry.