Pinkberry - Buy one get one free - 2/12-2/19

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  1. omg I love pinkberry! Thanks!
  2. thaaaankkyou :smile:
  3. I LOVE pinkberry when I'm living in LA, but there are no stores here in Ohio! :pout: Anyway, thanks for posting! I'll tell my friends back home :smile:
  4. thanks! this will definitely be put to good use! :smile:
  5. thanks!!!!
  6. Love pinkberry!!, i carve it everytime i walk by one!! Thanks a bunch;)
  7. Awww, I wish there was a Pinkberry in Texas!
  8. Thanks. I've always been wanting to try Pinkberry. Now I have no excuse... except it's almost an hour drive away.... and the coupon expires this Friday!!!
  9. thanks, used this over the weekend. actually i used one coupon and my husband used one, so we got the kids free yogurts.
  10. thanks! love pinkberry
  11. Thanks!!! :smile: Came back to this thread to print it..... heading there nowwww
  12. Woo! I love pinkberry!
  13. I haven't been there for about a year and they said they changed up the way they charge since November! Now if you choose to get toppings, it includes as many as you want as long as it can fit comfortably. So it's either just the yogurt by itself or with toppings. I like it that way instead of pay per topping! I tried the original yogurt with peppermint shavings, macaroons, mango, strawberry, mochi. Weird combination but it was yummy!
    2 medium yogurts w/toppings for $5 w/ that coupon :smile: