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  1. Hi all, is the pink St Louis still available anywhere? Thanks so much!
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  2. Try your local store or branch to do a worldwide search
  3. I can’t vouch for the St. Louis but my friend just scored the Artois MM in Limited Edition Pink in London today. It’s being personalized and he will pick it up in March. Can’t wait!!!
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  4. SF had all pieces a few months ago
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  5. The pink St. Louis was still available at the SF store as of 2 days ago. They also had the pink Artois PM and Artois MM in stock.

    Note that the pink bags aren't out on display, so you have to explicitly ask to see them.
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  6. I just received my pink mini Saigon!!! IMG_3442.JPG
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  7. Cute
  8. It can hold more than a chanel mini! It fits my wallet, keys, iPhone X, lip balm, coin purse, sunglasses, tissue

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  9. Wow - that is great! Impressed with the roominess and all your pink goodies! Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  10. Wow very beautiful.
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    My Bergdorf SA sent me a pic of this gorgeous Artois. I believe it’s the GM size.

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  12. Niceeeee
  13. The Beverly Hills stores had a few as of early this week.
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  14. Bergdorf had some the other day
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