Pink woc...which to keep???

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  1. Hi all! Both are brand new and unused. Which would you keep? To be honest, I'm not crazy about the gold hardware. Thanks! IMAG0714.jpg
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  2. Both are gorgeous, but I think I like the Chanel better. Its classic but fresh and personally i have never liked the tone of YSL GHW.
    You really can't go wrong with either!
  3. Depends on where you want to wear it. The YSL is a bit dressier IMO.
  4. My vote is for the Chanel Mademoiselle Vintage flap. There is something about the classic quilts on the bag that I love!
  5. thanks for all the input! it would just be for casual wear...going out to dinner and stuff.
  6. I would say Chanel because I just bought a mini in that design so I'm biased! Plus I'm not a huge fan of big logos like in the YSL. The colour is gorgeous on both though!
  7. I prefer the more edgy look of the YSL clutch. But then again I'm horrible at giving this advice I have an all black WOC and an all black YSL clutch and holding on to the both of them (for now) :smile:.
  8. Btw I do prefer the closure on you Chanel WOC
  9. Chanel all the way!
  10. OMG....I love WOC's! They are both pretty; I have one YSL WOC (it was my first ) and three Chanel WOC's. Side by side I like the Chanel a little better but I actually think they are both beautiful. I don't baby my YSL at all as the leather is so sturdy. I am more aware and careful with my Chanel's. Good luck deciding. I am bad and would probably keep both, tbh. :biggrin::heart::angel:
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  11. I'm not a fan of gold hardware either so why not return both and wait for one that you're head over heels for?
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  12. If you are not crazy about ghw, why are you keeping one of them?

    Why don't you look for what you truly love?
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  13. +1
  14. well, i really like the style and color of the mademoiselle woc...and i don't know when something like that with SHW will come around!
  15. I really like that hue of pink with gold, even though usually I am a silver hardware fan myself. Of those two I'd def keep the Chanel, I think it looks much more striking!