Pink weekender PM on ebay

  1. pink1.jpg pink2.jpg pink3.jpg pink4.jpg pic5.jpg
  2. I am a classic girl but I really do love this bag! Too pricey for me, though. I try not to spend over $1000 on my bags - which is getting harder and harder now with the yearly increases!! I am, however, seriously thinking of a denim or vernis piece and the ones I like are all around $1500.
  3. i've seen then IRL and its really more orange than pink. i think the yellow one looks better. reminds me of Spongebob :biggrin:
  4. I know what you mean. I started off telling myself nothing more than US700, but every year, I find myself increasing my budget. LOL!
  5. You make me feel good about buying the right colour! I like the pink too, if I had the money, I am sure I would have bought both.
  6. I agree that this bag IRL is much more orange in tone than these pics demonstrate. I think it is pretty but if you are looking for a mostly pink bag you may be surprised how much orange is on this one.
  7. i do prefer the yellow one, but its not ugly.
  8. Wow.. I really like this bag. I'm usually not into bright flashy things like this, but i'm diggin this bag.
  9. if i am gal, i would buy it..:heart::p
  10. I agree. I've seen this one IRL too, and the overall effect is definately ORANGE, not pink, rose or red. It baffles me how LV considers this anything but orange! :shrugs:
  11. I saw it IRL and it's definitely orange not pink :yes:.
  12. hi does anybody now if it is avilable in yellow pm size anywhere and how much it is. i am thinking about getting it. thanks