Pink Weekender!! eBay BIN 999 (what's up with eBay today?)

  1. I know! It's so beautiful!
  2. Wow...great price! And its bubblegum pink - which I think is so pretty!
  3. I was thinking about a sky blue one lask week, and holy crap is that a big bag!
  4. Did one of you get it?
  5. Oh,I just saw it and it has ended. Guess some Pfer grabbed it. it is such a gorgeous bag,,,,
  6. Yeah it was gone in minutes.
  7. Yesterday was 10-cent listing day so everyone listed their bags. I love when eBay offers listing discounts cause there are always so many treasures to be found!
  8. DAG-NABB-IT ... SOMEONE NABB'D IT :rant: :censor: :mad:
  9. Ugh! i'm always too LATE! I want a weekender!
  10. I posted this as soon as it came up last night. :sad:
  11. its soo cute! that sold fast!