pink vernis to diiie for!!!

  1. I just saw online the monogram vernis reade ...and its sooo cuuuutee.

    The pm is right on the budget. Does anyone have it? and which color?

    Is the pm a good size ?

    i loved the piiink color (Framboise) its soooo...:heart::heart::heart::heart:PINK! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

    i'm attaching a pic from eluxury.
    Monogram vernis reade PM.jpg
  2. oh I LOVEE framboise to death :heart: :heart:

    the reade is so cute. its a little expensive for the price (and it doesnt have a zipper) but besides that, its so adorablee!
  3. So adorable. But I agree with Couture_Girl - I wish it has a zipper it's a little too open for my tastes.
  4. I used to own the fuschia and purple Reade PM.. I sold them both. I thought they looked like little lunch bags. I really didn't like the open top and they toppled over too easily, spilling all the contents.
    For the money, I would look at another style.. JMO of course! ;)
  5. Same here. I had three, Indigo, Red, & Baby blue. They are cute and great if you don't have much to carry. Didn't really like the open top.
  6. yaa..hmmm i dont mind the open top bit, however if it resembles a lunch box thats another story!

    heres the vernis bellevue PM that has a zipper (attached from elux) ..but theres no pink...only violet and red :sad: ... will they make them from them pink? :sad:
  7. i agree the pinks are gorgeous! but since they are discontinued, you may have a hard time tracking any brand new pieces down. good luck on your search tho!
  8. pretty for SPRING...:tup:
  9. I :heart: Framboise! I love pink so much. But I'm not such a fan of the Reade - it's cute, but too expensive for what you get IMO. It indeed looks a bit like a lunch bag! Still lovely though, but just not for that price...
  10. The Bellevue is a really cute style.. zippered top.. but it doesn't come in pink... yet! :cry:
    That's a difficult decision to make. You may want to look at a used Framboise or fuchsia Houston. I have the Fuschia Houston and I LOVE that style. You can find that one in pink and it holds more than the Reade.

    Best of luck to you!
  11. The framboise and fuchsia has been discontinued which is too bad, I love the framboise color!
  12. I love the framboise! If you call the 866 number they'll be able to track a piece for you. I've had them do it MANY times for me :smile: I just bought the agenda in framboise and can't wait to see it irl!
  13. Very cute, love it!
  14. The Bellevue is so pretty and would be gorgeous in pink. You should call and ask to see if they actually have that color.
  15. this bag is small. so unless you a smaller wallet, cell, keys this bag isnt for you.
    Also the handles are very short, so if you have a bigger hand wrist its going to make carrying it on your wrist harder.
    [​IMG] Indigo...


    As you can see its going to be a stuggle to get the wallet out....