Pink Velo available anywhere?

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  1. I really want a pink velo ...perhaps magenta..i think that pink really pops! i'm a total newb to Bal bags but after carrying all heavy heavy bags and my shoulders suffering from it, I wanted to try something lightweight...And I hear bbags are def light! please share your expertise ...i'm not even sure velos come in a pink colorway at all...

    if not, maybe a pink part time? i just need something bigger than the city although i like the shape of the city most

  2. I am new to Bal too, so bal experts please correct me if I am wrong!

    The velo is a new style this year, so you will only be able to find it in the current and upcoming colors (magenta is from past seasons). Here is a picture of the new sorbet velo: (although it is listed as a city..oops, on their part!)

    And yes, bal bags are super light! I have a giant city and a velo & pt on the way .. can't wait! Any style in sorbet, you can't go wrong in my opinion! I love the pink! HTH!