Pink Ugg owners

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  1. Are u still wearing yours? I have a black and a chestnut pair as well, but i must admit i have YET to see any of the non neutral colors ( pink, red, blue, etc.) for the past 3 winters lol. Now i feel like it's time to retire them:crybaby:....any opinions??
  2. I hardly wear them cause they show dirt so constantly trying to keep them clean.
  3. I wear mine all the time! I love them!! I also have a pair of chocolate uggs but don't wear those a much (maybe cuz they are newer....):heart::heart::heart:
  4. i love the coloured uggs, i don't have any but wish i had got them instead of chestnut. wear them!
  5. I have a burnt orange pair that I love - wear them!! :tup: even better you wont see yourself coming & going like you may in the more common colors :smile:
  6. i always wear my pink & blue ones. i got my both pink & blue for a great price so they're my more "beat up" uggs. i have tan and chestnut ones that i wear only sometimes.
  7. U guys are making me rethink this lol. Maybe its just my area (MD)
  8. My 2 year old daughter wears hers!! They're darned cute and I wish I had some!!!
  9. I still have the pink ones and the blue ones. I wear them around the house all the time year round. I don't know what I'll do when they fall apart. In fact I have the pink ones on now!
  10. I have purple ones, I just didn't wear them this winter. I probably will next year though.
  11. I've never seen the pink ones here, otherwise I probably would have bought them for the cold winter!
  12. I wear mine all the time. Mine are not light bubblegum pink, they are more like a deep dark pink. I wear mine with my black juicy sweats or my VS Pink sweats.
  13. i wore mine with black leggings and juicy couture coat this winter
  14. I haven't worn mine for a while, but I do wear my chocolate ones a lot!
  15. Wear yours and be different, why be like every one else, KWIM? I wear mine in early spring.I think pink is perfect for cold spring days or nighs. I even got a matching Ugg poncho in pink and a matching Ugg pink bag ( of cause)